Why it’s important to specifically tailor your resume for each job application

It can be so tempting just to send the same application and resume each time, but if you are really serious about landing a new position, you’ll want to show that you are willing to put in the extra effort.

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Free Resume Staff

When you are completing endless applications for jobs, it can be so tempting to copy and paste the same resume into applications. While you may think this is saving you time and effort during the process, it’s much less likely to result in interviews following your application. Today we’re going to share with you five of the top reasons why you should take the time out to tailor your resume before submitting any new job applications this year.

1. Demonstrate you possess the key skills for the job

Each job you apply for will have a unique set of skills and experience that’s required for the position. If the recruiter has taken the time to write out their expectations for the job role, they’ll look for you to do the same for your applications. Even if you think all of the positions you are going for are pretty similar, you’ll want to tailor your resume to fit each job role. This doesn’t mean you need to completely rewrite your resume each time you apply for a position, but just make some minor tweaks to customize it for that application.

2. Tailor your resume to the type of company you are applying for

If you are applying for a traditional bank or organization, you wouldn’t want to use the same tone and language as you would when applying for a trendy tech start-up. Even if the two roles you are applying for are the same, you’ll want to show the hiring team that you can fit in with the personality of the business. No two companies have exactly the same values and standards, so spend some time browsing their website for more inspiration. Without copying phrases from their website, try to emanate their voice and way of communicating, so it’s more aligned with the business you are aspiring to work for.

3. Continually improve your resume

There’s no denying that job hunting can sometimes be a long and drawn-out process. If you are applying for jobs over a period of months, you will want to continually revisit your resume to ensure you refine it and catch any errors you may have made in the past. During the time between your first and last application, you may also have new skills and achievements to add to your resume, so make sure it’s always up to date and relevant. To help speed up the process of creating new variations of your existing resume, a resume builder like FreeResume can help you out. It streamlines the process of creating your resume, offering pre-formatted and designed resume templates to save you time.

4. Appeal to the company’s values

Each company looks for different values in its employees, which is why you should take the time to understand their priorities for the position they are trying to fill. Look at the job description carefully to understand their priorities and needs, and then let your resume mirror these. They usually will place the most important responsibilities at the top of the job listing, so focus on these throughout your resume. If there are reoccurring themes in the listing, such as organization or leadership, these are clearly fundamental values that the successful applicant will need to possess.

5. Show how passionate you are about landing the role

Recruiters spend hours each day sifting through resumes, and it’s easy for them to tell which applicants just send off a cookie-cutter resume for each application. When you appeal to the key requirements of the business you are applying for, they’ll see you’ve gone the extra mile to try and win over their team. Instead of reading another dull resume that lists the same key skills and experience, you’ll offer them more insight into your personality and way of working. Using a resume builder can help you create a unique resume without taking up too much time and win over the recruiter who reads it.

When applying for jobs in the future, we always encourage you to take the time to craft the perfect resume for each job you are applying for. It can be so tempting just to send the same application and resume each time, but if you are really serious about landing a new position, you’ll want to show that you are willing to put in the extra effort. Using FreeResume can help to make the process of creating multiple resumes much quicker and easier and will help you to land the position of your dreams in no time at all.

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